Minuteman Head Coach Rich Axtell

Rich Axtell founded Minuteman in 1998. Rich's coaching career began in 1993 as a recreation league coach. In 1994 Rich transitioned to USS club coaching. Working closely with a former Olypmic coach, Rich quickly developed a passion for swimming excellence. This passion grew into a desire to cultivate fast swimming in all his swimmers from walk-on to national qualifier. Rich has coached scores of USMS Top 10 athletes, NEM record holders, All Americans, and Olympic Trial Qualifiers. In addition to his success in coaching competitive swimmers, Rich specializes in coaching the swim leg of triathlon. Rich has worked with triathlete's of all abilities including Iron Man World Champion Karen Smyers. Currently Rich is the swim coach for 2008 Olympian Jarrod Shoemaker, Alicia Kaye, Ethan Brown, and other elite's. Rich's philosophy of "team" is evident in his teachings on deck with Minuteman. Rich has been credited with embracing the swimming-for-life philosophy of United States Masters Swimming and coaching swimmers of all abilities to their potential.


Rich is a recipient of the 2011 USMS Kerry O'Brien Coaches Award.


Education: Level 5, American Swim Coaches Association, Bachelor's degree in Business Management, Master's degree Business Administration.


Community Involvement: NEM LMSC Coaches Rep, Member of Grace Community Church, Chelmsford MA


Home Life: Rich leads a balanced life at home with his wife Kelly, daughter Kaylee, and son Mason. Rich and family reside in Bedford, MA.