Head Coach Rich Axtell

Rich Axtell founded Minuteman in 1998. Rich's coaching career began in 1993 as a recreation league coach. In 1994 Rich transitioned to USS club coaching. Working closely with a former Olypmic coach, Rich quickly developed a passion for swimming excellence. This passion grew into a desire to cultivate fast swimming in all his swimmers from walk-on to national qualifier. More..


  Coach Ann Boudrot

Coach Ann swam at Belmont High School and then went on to compete at the collegiate level at Springfield College. Ann is well connected to the local sports scene. Ann has been coaching girls swimming at the Academy of Notre Dame in Tyngsboro for 4 years, Lincoln Sudbury boys and girls swimming for 5 years, and girls tennis at Lincoln Sudbury for 4 years. More..

  Coach Sue Sotir

Sue began coaching masters swimming at age 19 while a student and Div 3 swimmer. She continued coaching after college, and began swimming masters while in grad school. 19 years of coaching has solidified her belief that fast swimming is a combination of technique, endurance, and intensity- no magic involved. More..


 Coach Karen Fair

Coach Karen Fair was a late bloomer in the sport of swimming. At age 25, she joined the US Masters team of which her brother (David) was the Assistant Coach to Kristin Lilly (1988 Olympic Trials). Karen dove right in to swim for fitness but vowed to “never, ever, ever compete”. After reading every swimming book she could get her hands on and then discussing with her current coach, Karen was hooked and a hot streak of swimming and coaching would run parallel. More..

Coach Marc Broudy

Coach Marc co-founded Minuteman with longtime friend Coach Rich. Marc is a 1993 graduate of national champion Kenyon College with a degree in chemistry. While at Kenyon, Marc was a four time NCAA national qualifier and an NCAA All-American. When not on deck with Minuteman, Marc coaches USS Swimming with New Wave Swim Club. Marc has coached numerous age group, senior, and national qualifiers, as well as masters national champions. More..